Senior Spotlight: Tyler DelMain

Posted on July 6th, 2022 by

Tyler DelMain is an Instrumental Music major from Minnetrista, Minnesota. He performed with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra, the Gustavus Jazz, the Trombone Choir, and the Campus Band. Professor  Alexandra Bryant says “Tyler has been such a joy to teach over these past four years. I love how deep his passion for music runs (I’m looking at you Shostakovich and Pärt!). When Tyler is invested in something, he puts his heart and soul into it!”

We asked Tyler about his time at Gustavus and his goals for the future.

What are your plans for the future?
TD: “I plan to continue my studies in conducting and music.”

What will you miss most about music at Gustavus?
TD: “The community.”

What’s a favorite memory you have from studying music at Gustavus?
TD: “Learning a piece in a few hours with the trombone students at the Raffles Institute in Singapore on GJazz and GSO tour J-Term 2020.”

How have you grown in your time at Gustavus?
TD: “A better understanding of my place in a community of peers as well as pushing myself to come out of my shell.”

What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus?
TD: “Finding a career that allows me to continue my music performance.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus?
TD: “In the words of Justin Taylor “Don’t overcook the chicken”. You should take advantage of how involved you can be but don’t try to do everything.”

What has been your proudest moment in your time at Gustavus?
TD: “Conducting the Gustavus Wind Orchestra.”

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Gustavus and why?
TD: “Orchestration: being pushed to compose my own piece drove me to work hard to create a work I’d be proud of.”


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