Wren Heiman: 2024 Recipient of the Outstanding Student in Design, Technology and Production Award Posted on June 2nd, 2024 by

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Wren Heiman ‘25 is a Junior theatre major with minors in religion and studio art from Northfield, Minnesota. They received the Outstanding Student in Design, Technology and Production Award. This award is given to a junior or senior who has demonstrated leadership, commitment and excellence as a stage manager, technician and a performance designer.

When Heiman saw that their last school had a commuter feel to the student body and not as great of a theater department, they toured here at Gustavus and saw the community and all the opportunities the theatre department had for them.

After transferring to Gustavus, Heiman became a ‘jack of all trades’ in the theatre department. They have done everything from lights and sound to costumes and stage management to get the different aspects and angles of theatre shows. “Stage management here at Gustavus is very hands-on and prepares students for the professional world,” says Heiman.

“Winning the Outstanding Student in Design, Technology and Production Award has made me
feel that I’m doing something right, I’m actually making my mark on this program and doing work that professionals appreciate.”

Gustavus faculty Lindsay Webster adds: From leading, organizing, and supporting the entire production process as a Stage Manager, creatively constructing and crafting garments as a Costume Shop Employee, or supporting and uplifting their peers as an Assistant Stage Manager, Heiman embodies all facets of this award in everything they do. Heiman is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and passionate, able to take on a great deal of responsibility and produce top-notch work. Perhaps most importantly, Heiman is profoundly kind, thoughtful, and generous to everyone they meet and work with, ensuring every member of the community feels respected and welcome. It is always a joy to collaborate with Heiman, and thus it is the department’s honor to name Wren our Outstanding Student in Design, Technology, and Production for 2024.


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