Senior Spotlight: Zach Diedrich

Posted on April 25th, 2020 by

The “Senior Spotlight” series honors graduating fine arts majors for their contributions to the Gustavus community.

Zach Diedrich is a music education major from Bloomington, Minn. In the fall, he will be student teaching in the Twin Cities and then hopes to find a full-time teaching position as a high school choral director. Professor Emeritus Florence Amamoto taught Zach in her first term seminar (FTS) course and says that his bright enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and care for others will make him a wonderful choir director. “Zach lights up a room,” she says. “I am delighted he followed his passion and went into music education. Zach is the kind of person who will make a real difference in his students’ lives.”

We asked Zach to give us a little insight into his time at Gustavus and how he’s “staying musical” while living off campus.

What will you miss most about music at Gustavus?
I will miss walking into choir everyday where I know I will be 100% supported as both a musician and as a person by my director and my peers, many of whom have become close friends.

What is a favorite memory from your time in music here?
My favorite music memory at Gustavus was singing in the Berlin Dome my junior year while we were on our international choir tour. Our “informal” 15-minute sing was my favorite of the entire tour, and I had my first out of body experience. It was magical!

How are you continuing music in your new surroundings?
I take my weekly voice lessons still, but via ZOOM call! I also have been listening to lots of music and have the intention of picking up my old ukulele and re-teaching myself how to play.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to high school students considering Gustavus?
If you’re interested in being a part of music at Gustavus, apply for a scholarship! I started at Gustavus thinking I wanted to major in math and economics, but I was still able to receive a music scholarship since I knew that I wanted to continue in choir here. It just kind of worked out that I ended up majoring in it anyway.

What professor has made the biggest impact on you and why?
The professor that has made the biggest impact on me during my time at Gustavus has been my FTS professor, Florence Amamoto. Florence has since retired, but she was one of my first professors at Gustavus as well as my first academic advisor. Florence fully supported my decision to switch my major from math/economics over to music education, and has been cheering me on ever since! I am so fortunate to have been her student, and will always appreciate her support of me in my undergraduate education.



  1. Julie Doedrich says:

    Zach, we are so proud of all your accomplishments at Gustavus and look forward to watching you embark on your next adventure-student teaching! We love you, Mom and Dad

  2. Robin Anderson says:

    Job well done, Zach. I will miss going to all the wonderful concerts especially Christmas in Christ Chapel.

    Aunt Robin

  3. Esther Wang says:

    Proud of you!!

  4. Jerry Larson says:

    Zachary you will be a wonderful choir director. I cannot wait to go to some of your concerts in the future. Congratulations on an incredible college career.

  5. Meghan Gallagher says:

    I am so proud of you and so glad we got to be Gusties together. I wish you the very best as you continue to share your positive energy and be a light to others. You are AMAZING!
    With love,