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Senior Spotlight: Preston Hanstad

Preston Hanstad is a Studio Art major with a double minor in Music and Film & Media Studies from Coon Rapids, Minnesota. In the future, Preston plans to apply for jobs in video production so he can keep creating. Professor Priscilla Briggs had the following to say about Preston: “from the start, his sense of […]

Senior Spotlight: Megan Aber

Megan Aber is a Studio Art major from Bloomington, Minnesota. In the future, Megan wants to become an art handler and own her own gallery. Professor Kristen Lowe had the following to say about Megan, “Megan Aber was born to be an artist. It was clear from the beginning in the first class she enrolled […]

Senior Spotlight: Kjerstin Anderson

Kjerstin Anderson is a Theatre major and Studio Art minor from Owatonna, Minnesota. In the future she plans to attend graduate school for costume design at the University of Kansas City, Missouri. Professor Larissa McConnell describes Kjerstin as “an absolute delight with a unique laugh that lights up a room. The costume shop has benefited […]

Senior Spotlight: Livija Shaeffer

Līvija Shaeffer is a Studio Art major from Lincoln, Nebraska. Associate Professor Art Betsy Byers had the following to say about Livija, “Livija combines material and image in surprising ways. She has been a presence in the art department since her first year and is our go-to student for talking with new students.” We asked […]

Senior Spotlight: Hannah Saunders

Hannah Saunders is a Biology and Dance Honors double major from Lakeville, Minnesota. In the future she wants to continue working in the biology field and potentially attend graduate school. Professor Melissa Rolnick says that “Hannah has been an outstanding student contributing to and serving the dance program in multiple ways. She has proven herself […]

Senior Spotlight: Heather Holten

Heather Holten is a Studio Art major from Los Angeles, California. In the future, she plans to pursue face and body piercing. Professor Lower had the following to add about Holten: “With COVID blanketing our student body over the past couple years students were faced with increased anxiety and isolation. Heather met these challenges utilizing […]

Senior Spotlight: Gretchen Van Ess

Gretchen Van Ess is a Studio Art and Psychology double major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the future she wants to have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and develop a private practice. Professor Lowe describes Gretchan as “an example of what we sometimes see with the double majors. She really engages in the artistic formalities of […]

Senior Spotlight: Gigi deGrood

Gigi deGrood is a Studio Art and Art History double major from Edina, Minnesota. In the future she plans to take a gap year, refine her art portfolio, and apply to graduate programs for a Master of Fine Arts degree. Professor Betsy Byers says that deGrood “Gigi oozes style. She brings a mix of humor […]

Senior Spotlight: Geneva VanWik

Geneva VanWyk is a Studio Art and Philosophy double major with a minor in Geography from Harrisonburg, Virginia. After graduation, they plan to attend graduate school and start beekeeping. Professor Nicolas Darcourt describes Geneva as such, “Geneva has a drive for new ideas and new approaches which is wonderful to attempt to teach to. I […]

Senior Spotlight: Anna-Olivia Machado

Anna-Olivia Machado is a Studio Art and Biology double major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the future, she plans to move to the Twin Cities area to be a part of their studio arts scene. Professor Kristen Lowe describes Machado as “a student who has really wrestled with the question of what Art is capable of […]