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The “Senior Spotlight” series honors graduating fine arts majors for their contributions to the Gustavus community.

Nathan Thompson is a Vocal Music Education major from Roseville, MN. He is planning to teach high school music outside of Minnesota after he graduates. Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Elisabeth Cherland says, “Nathan’s future students will love him – that’s a given. I know that as he lives into his gifts he will build confidence and trust in his intuitions and abilities. Nathan improves each class and group he is a part of, and I can’t wait to see the good he will continue to bring to the world.”

We asked Nathan to give us a little insight into his time at Gustavus and what his future plans are.

What will you miss most about music at Gustavus?

NT: The supportive communities and the people I get to make music with every day

How have you grown in your time at Gustavus?

NT: I went from the shy, scared, quiet kid to someone who loves performing, working with others and being in front of large groups.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus?

NT: Don’t be scared to try new things and fail a lot. I do it every day, but you will grow so much and learn a lot about who you are through your experiences and your failures. Celebrate the little mistakes and learn from the big ones.

What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus?

NT: Charting my own path, getting to work with my own ensembles and getting to mentor and support young humans during their young adult journeys.

What professor has made the biggest impact on you and why?

NT: There are so many but it has really been a privilege to work with Dr. Elisabeth Cherland. Her openness and compassion for her students is second to none. She is willing to drop whatever she is doing to answer questions and support us on our journeys and is very direct and meaningful when she is teaching. Not only is she a fantastic teacher but an amazing mentor and human as well. I think everyone who has worked with her sees her as a role model.


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  1. Kathy Brown says:

    So proud of you, Nathan! Any student who has you as their teacher and mentor will be so blessed!