Fine Arts

Senior Spotlight: Sydney Sutherland

Sydney Sutherland is a Theatre Honors major and a minor in Arts Administration and English from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We asked Sydney about her time at Gustavus and her goals for the future. What are your plans for the future? SS: “I plan to travel as an assistant stage manager and stage manager. So far I’ll […]

Senior Spotlight: Tessa Longshore

Tessa Longshore is a Dance Honors major from Faribault, Minnesota. In the future, she plans to move to New York to further her dancing career. Professor Melissa Rolnick says that “ Tessa has been a teaching assistant for dance classes, both modeling and supporting students to understand and achieve success in the form. Tessa has […]

Senior Spotlight: Lauren Russell

Lauren Russell is a Music Major from Alexandria, Minnesota. She performed with the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra, the Gustavus Jazz, and other instrumental ensembles. Professor  Ruth Lin says “Lauren exemplifies the kind of student that we are proud of here at Gustavus. She came in thinking that she would be a teacher and discover how much […]

Senior Spotlight: Tyler DelMain

Tyler DelMain is an Instrumental Music major from Minnetrista, Minnesota. He performed with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra, the Gustavus Jazz, the Trombone Choir, and the Campus Band. Professor  Alexandra Bryant says “Tyler has been such a joy to teach over these past four years. I love how deep his passion for […]

Senior Spotlight: Vienna Branom

Vienna Branom is a Studio Art, Communications, and Arts Administration triple major from New Richmond, Wisconsin. In the future, Vienna wants to become a lawyer in advocacy and creative copyright law and a freelance artist. Professor Betsy Byers describes Vienna as the following “Vin’s paints narratives that disrupt and unsettle you in the best way. […]

Senior Spotlight: Zachary Farr

Zachary Farr is a Theater and Communication Studies double major from Austin, Minnesota. In the future they plan to participate in local productions and create works of their own. We asked Zachary a few questions about their time at Gustavus and their involvement in the Theatre and Dance department. What will you miss most about […]

Senior Spotlight: Tristan Eliason

Tristan Eliason is a Music and Psychology Major and Scandinavian Studies Minor from Watertown, Minnesota. He performed with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra. Professor Yumiko Oshima-Ryan says “Tristan loves music, and they are gifted with playing percussion and harp, and piano is the third instrument they took lessons during their study at Gustavus. Tristan has grown […]

Senior Spotlight: Serena Small

Serena Small is an Art Studio major with a minor in Management from Miami, Florida. We asked Serena about her time at Gustavus and plans for the future. What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus? SS: “Traveling” What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus? SS: “Utilize […]

Senior Spotlight: Peter Neuman

Peter Neuman is a Vocal Music Education major from Chaska, Minnesota. He performed with the Gustavus Choir and the G-sharp. Professor Anna DeGraff says “As Peter moves on from Gustavus, I am hopeful that his joy for music will allow him to inspire another generation of thoughtful, passionate musicians.” We asked Peter about his time […]

Senior Spotlight: Sanjeeda Tazrin Shutrishn

Sanjeeda Tazrin Shutrishna is a Mathematics, Studio Art double major with minors in Computer Science, Art History, and Arts Administration from Madaripur, Bangladesh. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school. Professor Byers describes Sanjeeda and her work as such, “Sanjeeda’s art explores color, pattern, culture and visual representation. Her work offers an elegant surprise […]