Senior Spotlight: Emily Logan

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The “Senior Spotlight” series honors graduating fine arts majors for their contributions to the Gustavus community.

Emily Logan is a studio art major from Cambridge, Minn. Next fall she plans to continue developing her art portfolio and eventually attend graduate school for art conservation. Associate Professor in Art and Art History Betsy Byers has worked closely with Emily throughout her time at Gustavus. “Emily’s work has grown in subject matter from the personal to envelop the universal in her time as an art major at Gustavus,” Byers says. “She stands out as an artist with both an empathetic ear and an inclusive voice. In her artwork she explores how identity, race and culture intersect. 

We asked Emily to give us a little insight into her time at Gustavus and how she’s continuing her art while living off-campus.

What will you miss most about art at Gustavus?
EL: It’s a really close tie between my peers and my professors. My advisor, Betsy Byers, is the one who got me to declare my major, and I’ve only met amazing people from then on out. Being able to create alongside such incredible people who have come to be my close friends is something I will cherish forever.

Can you tell us about a favorite memory you have from studying art at Gustavus?
EL: One of my favorite memories about art at Gustavus would have to be all of our late nights in the senior studio stressed out of our minds. We would all bring snacks to share and grind our projects out together. And while sometimes there would be silence, we would always be there for each other if need be.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to high school students considering Gustavus?
EL: Go with your gut! I knew right when I stepped onto the Gustavus campus that I wanted to go here. After my tour I knew it would be somewhere I could call home and I wasn’t wrong.

How are you continuing your art education in your new surroundings?
EL: I was fortunate enough to be able to bring some larger art supplies home that I wouldn’t have normally been able to access while at home. Although motivation to create is somewhat stunted thanks to my easy access to Netflix.

What professor has made the biggest impact on you and why?
EL: Betsy Byers. I took an 8 a.m. class with her that met Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and halfway through the semester when she left for maternity leave, she had convinced me to switch from a biology major to studio art. She praised my skill from the beginning and has given me some of the best critiques and advice since then. I credit a lot of what I have learned to her. She is kind, caring, funny, honest, inspirational, and on top of all of that an amazing painter. I hope to have her as a mentor for many years to come, even after Gustavus.

View Emily’s works in Despite Distance…Senior Studio Art Majors Exhibition 2020.



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