“Dance Brings People Closer”: A Conversation with Students in the Gustavus Dancing CommunityGustavus Dance students share their experiences with the upcoming concert "To Love the World Harder: The Gustavus Dance Company in Concert."
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The Department of Theatre and Dance at Gustavus Adolphus College is proud to present “To Love the World Harder: The Gustavus Dance Company in Concert” from April 7 to April 10. In addition to pieces choreographed by faculty and guest artists, the concert features pieces choreographed by Hannah Saunders ‘22 and Claire Drapeau ‘22, who both also perform in the concert. 

Saunders and Drapeau both describe the upcoming concert as fun. Saunders says that this concert has “more lightheartedness than we would have typically.” 

Saunders and Drapeau both choreographed for the fall student-led dance concert, and their pieces were selected to be in the spring dance concert. They are thrilled to perform in a more formal setting. Given the recent lockdown and limitations, the two are excited to return to a more typical dance concert structure. “It feels good to feel the love in the community again,” says Drapeau. 

The enriched sense of community and enthusiasm in the dancing space has provided Saunders and Drapeau an energized perspective. “It’s more powerful to be dancing again,” says Saunders.“I have a very strong connection with everyone else [the dancers], even if I’m not dancing with them.”

As both choreographers and dancers, Drapeau and Saunders are experiencing an array of feelings tied to the upcoming concert. “It’s really exciting to see the process from both sides,” says Drapeau. While the majority of their pieces were choreographed in the fall, the two still found ways to add to their pieces. Drapeau says she “came to rehearsal with dancers and saw what happened.” 

The experience also held valuable lessons for Saunders and Drapeua. Saunders. “It has shown me the importance of going with the flow. Go with the flow, we’ll get there,”says Saunders 

From this experience, Saunders and Drapeau developed a stronger sense of appreciation for dance and live performances. “Dancing instills a greater sense of togetherness,” says Drapeau.

“To Love the World Harder: The Gustavus Dance Company in Concert” will be held in the Rob and Judy Gardner Laboratory Theatre from April 7 to April 10. The April 7-9 concerts will be held at 8 p.m. and the April 10 concert will be held at 2 p.m. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a 48-hour COVID-19 negative test will be required. Tickets are on sale now.


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