Senior Spotlight: Kjerstin Anderson

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Kjerstin Anderson is a Theatre major and Studio Art minor from Owatonna, Minnesota. In the future she plans to attend graduate school for costume design at the University of Kansas City, Missouri. Professor Larissa McConnell describes Kjerstin as “an absolute delight with a unique laugh that lights up a room. The costume shop has benefited from her joy, wisdom, and design skills. She has brought into the costume shop a passion and enthusiasm that is infectious, while creating an atmosphere of professionalism and inclusiveness.”

We asked Kjerstin a few questions about her time at Gustavus and her experience in the theatre department. 

What will you miss most about theatre at Gustavus?
KA: “The family aspect of the department. I’ll miss working with such talented and dedicated students, Larissa, and Kim. I’ll also miss knowing that I can design anything because Lucy is a magician.”

What’s a favorite memory you have from your time in theatre at Gustavus?
KA: “My favorite ,emory was Into the Woods wardrobe crew, when Lucy and Morgan glued Lillian’s nylons to her legs. Or when I gave Larissa an incredibly incorrect method of how to make Clitandre’s pants.”

How have you grown in your time at Gustavus?
KA: “I have gained so much confidence, a chronic illness, and the ability to draw people who don’t  have dislocated elbows.”

What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus?
KA: “I look forward to all the things I will learn, and being able to discover even more about how to tell stories through costumes.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus?
KA: “Advocate for yourself. Always.”

What has been your proudest moment in your time at Gustavus?
KA: “The Misanthrope. That was such an amazing and challenging and rewarding experience.”

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Gustavus and why?
KA: “Costume Craft and Design, it was just so much fun.”


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