Senior Spotlight: Tristan Eliason Posted on June 30th, 2022 by

Tristan Eliason is a Music and Psychology Major and Scandinavian Studies Minor from Watertown, Minnesota. He performed with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra. Professor Yumiko Oshima-Ryan says “Tristan loves music, and they are gifted with playing percussion and harp, and piano is the third instrument they took lessons during their study at Gustavus. Tristan has grown like a “weeds” last three years as a pianist. Tristan has a beautiful sound, and their piano playing makes people feel relaxed and loved. Tristan learned piano pretty naturally, and I had a great time working with them.

We asked Tristan about their time at Gustavus and their goals for the future.

What are your plans for the future?
TE: “I am going to grad school for Music Therapy.”

What will you miss most about music at Gustavus?
TE: “My friends”

What’s a favorite memory you have from studying music at Gustavus?
TE: “Making music with my friends!”

How have you grown in your time at Gustavus?
TE: “I’ve grown to know myself better and to be a better person and friend.”

What has been your proudest moment in your time at Gustavus?
TE: “I am proud of the person I have become since my first year.”

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Gustavus and why?
TE: “The most interesting class was music theory because its fun learning rules that you get to break teehee.”


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