Senior Spotlight: Maddi McChesney

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Maddi McChesney is an Instrumental Music Education major from Mason City, Iowa. She performed with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra, the Gustavus Campus Band, the Bronze Handbells, and other instrumental ensembles. Professor Masayoshi Ishikawa says “I had the privilege of getting to know and working with Maddi. Her musical growth during this period has been outstanding even though it is only 9 months. I will greatly miss Maddi’s positive energy, smiles, and the leadership that she brings to the ensembles. Maddi’s curiosity to learn and aspiration to grow as an artist have been inspiring to me. I am hopeful that Maddi will be successful for her musical career, and I am excited for her continuing musical journey.”

We asked Maddi about her time at Gustavus and her goals for the future.

What are your plans for the future?
MM: “I am student teaching in the Fall of 2022.”

What will you miss most about music at Gustavus?
MM: “I will miss all of the people and friends I have made through the ensembles I have been a part of. I have met some of my bestest friends through making music here at Gustavus, and I can’t imagine life without seeing those shining faces everyday.”

What’s a favorite memory you have from studying music at Gustavus?
MM: “My favorite memory was going on tour with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra during J-term of 2022. We went to four high schools in Minnesota, and although it wasn’t how I was anticipating spending my last J-term, it was more than I could have asked for.”

How have you grown in your time at Gustavus?
MM: “I have grown tremendously in my self confidence here at Gustavus. I have learned to advocate for myself and my learning, which has turned me into a better student and musician. Being able to take multiple classes with many different outlooks has been very beneficial to my mindset.”

What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus?
MM: “I look forward to becoming a teacher after I graduate! I have learned so much during these four years, and I am so excited to share my knowledge with my future students.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus?
MM: “Choose what you think is best for you. If you are looking for a close, tight-knit community, with so many opportunities to grow and succeed in life, choose Gustavus!”

What has been your proudest moment in your time at Gustavus?
MM: “My proudest moment at Gustavus was changing my music education path during my sophomore year. There was a lot of self-doubt, but being able to make a decision that was one of the best I have ever made is definitely my proudest moment. (Thanks JPM!)”

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Gustavus and why?
MM: “The most interesting class I have taken was Faith, Religion, and Culture. This was my most interesting class because I was able to learn so much about faith symbols and beliefs and how it correlates to how we make decisions in our lives. ”


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