Senior Spotlight: Preston Hanstad Posted on June 23rd, 2022 by

Preston Hanstad is a Studio Art major with a double minor in Music and Film & Media Studies from Coon Rapids, Minnesota. In the future, Preston plans to apply for jobs in video production so he can keep creating. Professor Priscilla Briggs had the following to say about Preston: “from the start, his sense of humor was apparent. What I learned over time, as can be observed in his work in the Senior Exhibition, is that Preston is an old soul who is able to connect with his subjects on a deep and meaningful level very quickly.”

We asked Preston about his time at Gustavus and plans for the future.

What will you miss most about art at Gustavus?
PH: “I will probably miss the community the most, it’s not often you’re around this many creative and talented people.”

What’s a favorite memory you have from studying art at Gustavus?
PH: “My favorite memory is probably just chilling in the senior studio just chatting and hanging with the other seniors.”

How have you grown in your time Gustavus?
PH: “I have grown immensely at Gustavus both in myself and my art. I don’t think you realize it till it’s  near the end but college, especially Gustavus, gives you the time, tools and people to help you grow.”

What do you look forward to most about life after Gustavus?
PH: “Taking time to do what I want to do and explore my interests and just start living life!”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give high school students considering Gustavus?
PH: “Go to a college that’s community feels right because that is the atmosphere you’re going to be in for the next 4 years. Any college can give you academic success but not all can give you social success.”

What has been your proudest moment in your time at Gustavus?
PH: “My proudest moment has got to be when I got into the Gustie Greeter program. I had wanted to be a part of that organization for a long time and it was a process for me to get in so it felt great to finally be a part of it.”

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Gustavus and why?
PH: “The most interesting class I’ve taken was a theater j term class called lighting and production. It was wild, we were doing so much random stuff from being up in the catwalks about the stage to down in the basement sifting through old relics.”


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